"I joined Sefla’s art class two years ago, and since then I have looked forward to each week where I get to paint in Sefla’s studio. Sefla’s talents as an artist are inspiring, and her enthusiasm and energy are contagious. Her style of painting caught my eyes and soul with the free spirit figures, vivid colors, and wonderful textures. Sefla is an inspiration to me and I am forever grateful to have gotten to know this beautiful person and have her as my teacher."
Ronit Reznichky

“Sefla is an amazing artist and instructor; more than that she is my muse and mentor, and I travel all the way from Phoenix, Arizona several times a year just to take her classes and workshops. I haven’t found anyone else with her talent for bringing out the best in her students. She creates an environment that is juicy; loosens you up; builds up your confidence; and is upbeat! Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you will leave feeling inspired and excited about your painting ability. My own painting continues to progress under her guidance, so much so, that I keep coming back for more; I call it my Sefla fix!”
Cate Ross
Student since 2013

"I took up art when I retired 13 years ago. I began by learning to draw and paint realistically. I am glad I did but I found that realism can be a kind of a cage, that realism once learned is hard to unlearn. I was able to move past realism by experimenting with abstraction and by switching mediums as frequently as I could. I was pleased with my development except in one area - expressiveness. I found that I had great difficulty exploring and sharing what I felt inside.
Then I took Sefla’s workshop. She looked at my first painting, a rather nice portrait of a lovely woman, and said, “That’s very nice. Now paint over it.” I did as she suggested, made a mess. With Sefla’s encouragement, I started to paint only with paper towels and a tooth brush (Oral B, medium bristle), and then, something totally unplanned and unexpected emerged - a portrait of a clown, from the opera Il Pagliacci, that was dark, brooding, wounded and menacing. I don’t know where he came from; he scared even me. But, it was the most expressive, most painterly image I have ever painted.
I have since taken three more workshops from Sefla and each time something startling emerges. Over time, I have been able to take the images to a higher degree of finish. With Sefla’s guidance, I have been learning how to vary my edges, to integrate figure and background and to evoke emotion through color, tone and composition. At each workshop, Sefla has challenged me to push myself to try things l would never consider - like painting with bright turquoise and hot pink. For a guy who is most comfortable with black and white this has been a wild ride.
Sefla is a great artist, dedicated teacher and wonderful person".
Patrick Hayashi