Sefla’s late summer/early fall workshop will be at her Studio in Santa Cruz, September 9 & 10, 10 am – 3 pm. 

Looking forward to painting with you!

My abstract figurative workshop is all about getting loose and experiencing the joy of painting. My process involves exploration and discovery. We will work with layering, texture, values, and loose rapid spontaneous brushwork, while searching for the inner life of our figures.





Having Fun with the Figure:

Weekly Classes with Sefla 


Thursdays 10 AM – noon


and 12:30-2:30 pm

$50 drop-in, $225 for five classes

at Sefla’s Studio,

Please call 831-768-1715

for directions and to assure a space




Testimonials from Sefla’s students:


After the constraints of having “to color without going outside the lines,” and feeling tight and repressed, at last I have discovered a teacher, who from the first day painting with her I felt the freedom to burst out of the old habits of “getting it right,” Sefla Joseph said, “You can do nothing wrong.” From the first painting I did I felt a freedom and a joy that comes from feeling unbound. I let loose, made a mess, saw that less is more. I found in Sefla a joyous, intuitive, supportive and non-judgmental teacher with a caring heart and a sweet smile. I have finally found “my teacher.”


I called Sefla one day about five years ago to ask if she would take me on as a student. I had seen her art and loved it. I thought there was much I could learn from Sefla. To my delight, I found Sefla to be a wonderful teacher—patient, attentive, helpful, challenging. I have gained so much from her, both as a teacher and a person. I look forward to painting sessions and always come away from a session as bit changed for the better.

Through my work with Sefla, I have become intimately acquainted with the many stages of painting:
Play with paint and just get it on the canvas
When stuck, at least consider messing things up
Seize the happy accident
Despair over problematic areas
Love the problematic areas
Ponder the many ways to change the problematic areas
Change something or just let it simmer for awhile—you’ll see it differently later on
Decide what you want to do and do it
These stages may happen in many different orders or even simultaneously. We are complex creatures, and so are our paintings.

It is now part of my creed, as well as Sefla’s, that there isn’t anything you can’t paint over. This gives me freedom to experiment, make all kinds of mistakes, have workable ideas on how to change or incorporate the at first seemingly less than satisfactory for the better. I have come to view my painting with a more knowledgeable, discerning, and appreciative eye with Sefla’s mentorship.
Both my paintings and I have been on a happening journey with Sefla, and we are the better for it.––Lois


Please call or email Sefla if you have questions or need any other information.



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